Tecto Compact – Viessmann quality right from the start

Take advantage of these benefits„„

  • Comprehensive, standardised range for storage in 300 mm grid
  • Fixed standard sizes for straight
  • forward orderingDoor position is flexible, can be modified on site
  • Cell elements in sandwich pattern with no thermal bridging – stable, self-supporting and true to size
  • Hygienic Viessmann stainless steel floor, pressed with non-slip pattern, no joint gaps, smooth underlapping
  • Quick assembly system with cam locks

For newcomers and start-ups who care about quality

Tecto Compact coldrooms and freezer rooms allow a wide target group to access proven Viessmann quality. The Tecto Standard version efficiently meets every requirement for hygienic and germ-free storage of refrigerated products.

Tecto Compact is the reliable refrigeration option for anyone starting up a new business who wants to customise their coldroom, whether in the hospitality and mini-kitchen sector, or in specialty retail.

Ausstattungsübersicht / Zubehör

  • Lichtschalter mit Kontrollleuchte
  • Thermometer
  • Druckausgleichsventil bis 5 kW Kälteleistung
  • Türrahmenheizung mit Thermoschalter und beheiztes Druckausgleichsventil bis 5 kW Kälteleistung
  • LED-Leuchte (Türstock)
  • LED-Kühl- und Tiefkühlraumleuchte für Deckenmontage
  • Edelstahl Bodenblende zur Verkleidung der Unterlüftungsroste
  • Fleisch- und Wurstgehänge
  • PVC-Streifenvorhang für Decken- und Wandmontage
  • Temperaturüberwachungs- und aufzeichungsgerät
  • Unterlüftungsroste

Available ex stock (max. 2 weeks)

The cells come in two wall thicknesses, i.e. Tecto Compact 80 and Tecto Compact 100. Both are available ex stock from a comprehensive, standardised range in a 300 mm grid, allowing them to be delivered with particular speed.

The delivery time of up to 2 weeks means that even short term projects can be realised with the Tecto Compact range. Fixed standard sizes make ordering simple – as if from a catalogue.


TÜV Süd confirms high energy and thermal efficiency

Viessmann coldrooms are made up of cell elements in a sandwich pattern without thermal bridging. They are stable, self-supporting and made in the exact size required. Precision-fit manufacture ensures perfect, energy efficient insulation.

The use of a high quality rigid PUR foam provides outstanding insulation attributes. The cell walls join up directly with the thermally insulated stainless steel coldroom floor.

High standard of hygiene

Viessmann coldrooms and freezer rooms are tailored to meet the highest standards in retail and industry. Especially attractive features include their stability, high user convenience and above average hygiene properties. All Viessmann coldrooms are equipped with hygienic stainless steel floors.


Stainless steel floors from Viessmann with pressed non-slip patterns

All stainless steel floors from Viessmann are constructed with smooth underlapping and no gaps. Manufactured with specific press pattern for multidirectional slip resistance, Viessmann stainless steel floors ensure critical additional safety.

Viessmann coldroom floors are made with high grade 1.4301 stainless steel, giving them extremely high load bearing capacity. Subject to the permissible wheel load, they can be traversed with small wheels comfortably and without vibrations.

Quick and uncomplicated installation

The cell sandwich panels (floors, walls, ceilings) are connected using a self-centring tongue & groove system. Cam locks with plastic housing and corrosion-protected clamping hooks are foamed into the panels.

The cam locks are easy to operate from the inside. The coldroom does not have to be accessible from the outside during assembly. In addition to the practical tongue & groove system, the joints are silicon free for even greater installation speed and convenience.