Tecto Standard Plus cold room/deep-freezing room - the innovation with the best hygiene properties

Enjoy the following benefits

  • Flexible solutions for different applications
  • Comprehensive storable standard range available in 300 mm increments as well as custom sizes
  • Fully hygienic wall radii
  • Hygienic, joint-free overlapping of the walls – prevents dirt and water from settling
  • Hygienic Viessmann stainless steel floor – non-slip pressed, joint-free and continuously underlapped
  • Optionally available with a floor radius for easy cleaning with optimal hygiene
  • SmartProtec® antimicrobial powder coating provided as standard
  • Rapid assembly system with eccentric locks

No compromises with regard to safety, reliability or hygiene

Tecto Standard Plus cold rooms by Viessmann are always used where the highest demands are placed on the refrigeration system specialists.

The perfect system technology and the highest standard of hygiene guarantee the optimal storage of highly sensitive goods and materials (e.g. blood reserves).

They also help to cope with the daily challenges in large kitchen areas.

Overview of features/accessories

  • LED refrigerator and freezer compartment light for ceiling installation
  • Other floor versions according to the product overview
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Building material classification B1 (DIN 4102)
  • Stainless steel floor cover for cladding the lower ventilation grates
  • Rails for hanging sausages and other meat
  • Hatch
  • PVC strip curtain for ceiling and wall mounting
  • PVC swing door
  • Circular inspection window
  • Temperature monitoring and recording device
  • Overflow protection
  • Bottom ventilation grates


Expanded hygiene package

In the Tecto Special version, the thermally insulated stainless steel floor is connected to the wall panels with a large-radius hygienic curve. In addition, the floor surfaces are designed without joint gaps, with smooth underlapping. This reliably prevents the accumulation of dirt.

The coldroom walls are overlapped without any gaps, and are installed in a raised position on top of the floor curve. This design prevents cleaning water or moisture from the refrigerated goods from penetrating between floor and wall panels. Germs which develop primarily in joints and corners are therefore very effectively prevented.

Additionally, the full-perimeter curve facilitates easy and hygienically optimal cleaning. The wall panels are supplied with gap-free Tecto overlapping. The corners of the wall panels are finished with another curve on the inside of the coldroom. All interior and exterior wall, floor and ceiling surfaces of Tecto Special are also permanently coated in antimicrobial SmartProtec®.

Hygiene and protection from dangerous bacteria and fungi, such as Salmonella or black mould, are of paramount importance in the refrigeration of sensitive products. Viessmann's hygienic solutions have set a new standard in refrigeration technology.

Effective antimicrobial powder coating

SmartProtec® takes coldroom hygiene to a whole new level. It combats 20 percent more microbial strains (including black mould) than even the predecessor product, which was already hygienically outstanding, with excellent antibacterial properties.

All interior and exterior wall, floor and ceiling surfaces of Viessmann Tecto Standard and Tecto Special coldrooms are either permanently coated in SmartProtec® or are made of stainless steel.

Viessmann is the first manufacturer of coldrooms with an antimicrobial powder coating, as recommended by Germany's federal association of food inspectors (Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure e.V.).


TÜV Süd confirms high energy and thermal efficiency

Viessmann coldrooms are made up of cell elements in a sandwich pattern without thermal bridging. They are stable, self-supporting and made in the exact size required. Precision-fit manufacture ensures perfect, energy efficient insulation.

The use of a high quality rigid PUR foam provides outstanding insulation attributes. The cell walls join up directly with the thermally insulated stainless steel coldroom floor.

Stainless steel floors from Viessmann with pressed
non-slip patterns

All stainless steel floors from Viessmann are constructed with smooth underlapping and no gaps. Manufactured with specific press pattern for multidirectional slip resistance, Viessmann stainless steel floors ensure critical additional safety.

Viessmann coldroom floors are made with high grade 1.4301 stainless steel, giving them extremely high load bearing capacity. Subject to the permissible wheel load, they can be traversed with small wheels comfortably and without vibrations.


Quick and uncomplicated installation

The cell sandwich panels (floors, walls, ceilings) are connected using a self-centring tongue & groove system. Cam locks with plastic housing and corrosion-protected clamping hooks are foamed into the panels.

The cam locks are easy to operate from the inside. The coldroom does not have to be accessible from the outside during assembly. In addition to the practical tongue & groove system, many of the electrical parts are factory-fitted and the joints are silicon free, for even greater installation speed and convenience.

Viessmann's diverse range of doors

With more than 1000 different versions, Viessmann offers a diverse range of doors for coldrooms and freezer rooms. Doors are available in powder-coated sheet steel or optionally in various stainless steel versions with complete PUR insulation and no wooden elements in the door leaf or frame.

Another outstanding feature is the variety of electrical components which are factory-fitted, e.g. LED lamp inside the door frame, complete wiring with connection to the distribution box, or an integral, fully wired door frame heater.



Recommended by experts

Upon introducing antimicrobial powder coating as the new standard of hygiene for coldrooms and freezer rooms, Viessmann Kühlsysteme GmbH received one of the sought-after recommendations of Germany's federal association of food inspectors (Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure e.V.).

This impressive level of hygiene, which comes as standard, is currently unique in the industry and underscores Viessmann's commitment to high quality and innovation.