Rega Almo – the light hygienic option for a diverse range of applications

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Hygienic storage
  • Space efficient and clearly organised
  • Light yet stable design
  • Standard 12 or Standard 20 for various requirements
  • Straightforward installation
  • High grade manufacture and excellent durability

Ideal and clean for vegetables, meat and dairy products

The combination of aluminium and plastic makes the Standard 12 shelving system ideal for storing vegetables, meat or dairy products. It is also suitable for cold storage to -30 °C. Its high manufacturing quality and ease of cleaning make it compliant with very strict hygiene standards.

The Standard 20 shelving system in aluminium is characterised by high user value and a diverse range of applications in large professional kitchens, hospitals, residential homes and the hospitality sector.

Direct contact with unpackaged foodstuffs in dry storage poses no problem for this shelving. With various different shelf types and an extensive range of accessories, use of the system can be expanded as required.


Hygienic and clean

The shelf uprights are hygienically protected from deposits and dust by plastic caps. The plastic shelves (Standard 12) can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher. 

Light yet stable design

Diagonal struts on every third shelf section ensure the stability of the entire assembly. Height-adjustable threaded feet are a standard feature, compensating for unevenness in the floor up to 25 mm.


Space efficient sliding shelf solutions for all coldrooms

Viessmann's sliding shelving systems are perfectly designed for optimal and economical use in coldrooms. The aisles that are normally created by permanently installed shelves are eliminated, freeing up space for additional storage areas.

Considerably less time is required for transporting, stocking and removing items, reducing the workload of the staff.

Viessmann sliding shelving systems are suitable for coldrooms and freezer rooms to -30 °C and allow efficient utilisation of the coldroom space for high cost effectiveness.