CONFI-COOL – waste disposal at the highest level

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Refrigerator body with seamless, foamed in place insulation 56 mm thick, free of thermal bridges
  • Powerful, hermetically sealed, thermostatic side refrigeration unit (cooling capacity 500 W)
  • Automatic condensate evaporation
  • Resistant to acids and corrosive vapours
  • Large top hatch for depositing waste (hatch cover stays open)


Smart features for convenient use

Lockable doors, continuous edge grip and easily replaceable, large-volume cavity plug-on seals ensure easy handling of the waste disposal cooler.

Internal guide and buffer strips enable the container to be positioned accurately under the waste deposit opening. The large top hatch for depositing waste can be opened easily and locked in position. A fold-out ramp makes it easy to change the waste bins.

Cleaning quickly and hygienically

The removable hinges and the waste deposit hatches, which can be easily removed without tools, facilitate quick cleaning of the filling area. The seamless, gap-free transition between the waste deposit opening and the storage compartment has been created without any overlap. That and the fact that there are no electrical components in the interior ensure hygienic waste cooling and convenient cleaning.



Fully wired for use in cellars and storage areas

The powerful, hermetically sealed, thermostatic side refrigeration unit with digital thermostat and temperature display is a fully wired refrigeration unit. It features automatic condensate evaporation and defrost control.

The electrical components are easily accessible, housed in the refrigeration unit mounted on the side. Maintenance work can therefore be carried out quickly and at low cost.

The evaporator has an electrophoretically deposited paint finish which makes it resistant to acids and corrosive vapours.

Installation couldn't be simpler

The waste disposal cooler is delivered fully assembled. Unevenness in the floor can be compensated easily with feet that are height adjustable from inside the unit (from 8 to 30 mm). If required, the body can be dismantled quickly and easily using internal quick-release couplings.

Energy efficient alternative to large coldrooms

The 56 mm thick rigid polyurethane foam core provides highly effective insulation. The seamless, foamed in place insulation prevents thermal bridges and the precision-fit crowning prevents the build-up of fluid and mould.