Vitomax 300-HW M96A - for flow temperatures up to 210 °C

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Clean combustion with low nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Reliable heat transfer; straightforward hydraulic connection
  • Low radiation losses thanks to optimum thermal insulation
  • Vitocontrol control panel for all boiler-related control equipment
  • Approved according to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

Clean operation with emissions well below limits

The Vitomax 300-HW is an oil/gas high pressure hot water boiler for flow temperatures up to 210 °C. Its operating pressure extends from 6 to 20 bar. The heating output ranges from 3.5 to 16 MW.

The optimum design of the flame tube provides for clean combustion at full load and in continuous operation. In gas operation, the NOx emissions of the three-pass boiler (low NOₓ series) are less than 70 mg/Nm³; in oil operation, less than 150 mg/Nm³.

No minimum heating water flow rate is required for the Vitomax.
Wide water galleries and large water content ensure excellent natural circulation.

No additional boiler pumps are required, so hydraulic connection is significantly easier.

Designed for easy maintenance

Like all boilers in the Vitomax series, the Vitomax 300-HW is also equipped with a sufficient number of sight and inspection ports. Consequently, Vitomax boilers meet all the requirements for longest possible inspection intervals.

Hinged, easy to open boiler doors facilitate maintenance and cleaning. There is no need to dismantle components such as valves and burners, which contributes to low operating costs.

Thanks to water-cooled burner entry points, the refractory linings require no drying processes, which significantly reduces commissioning times.