Vitomax 100-LW M148 - the systematic hot water pack

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Optimally matched combustion system, safety features, control technology and fittings
  • Components located directly on the boiler can be fitted, wired and plumbed in the factory
  • Return temperature raising facility, heat exchanger, flue gas damper and flue gas silencer are optional
  • Standard appearance in the Viessmann design
  • Dimensions optimised for road transport

Everything from a single source

Any system is only as good as its individual parts.

As well as guaranteeing the highest quality and flexibility, these systems also provide the assurance that all components are perfectly matched. This system reflects the extensive experience of Viessmann heating technology specialists.

The Vitomax 100-LW M148 system meets all requirements. It also appeals with a uniform appearance in the Viessmann design.

Quickly ordered and supplied on time

The system is straightforward to order from the pricelist and can easily be extended with suitable options.