Vitomax 200-LW M62A - the reliable industrial/commercial boiler plant

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Matching system solutions for the highest operational reliability
  • Reduced time and effort for engineering and installation
  • Burner with reduced emissions
  • Option for remote monitoring and O2 control
  • Load-bearing boiler cover

All components are matched to each other

The new system for the Vitomax 200-LW M62A low pressure hot water boiler offers a high degree of engineering and calculation assurance for industrial/commercial boiler plants.

As well as guaranteeing the highest quality and flexibility, these systems also provide the assurance that all components are perfectly matched.

Accessories include a flue gas heat exchanger that can raise the boiler efficiency to as high as 95 percent.

Return temperature raising facilities and flue gas components are further system options.

Easy to service and with high load capacity

In continuous operation, Vitomax hot water boilers score highly because they are easy to service, thanks to water-cooled burner entry point and rear reversing chamber without lining.

The large cleaning doors further contribute to low maintenance costs.

The load-bearing boiler cover is part of the standard delivery. It simplifies installation and maintenance and protects the thermal insulation against damage.