Energy efficient roll-in refrigerator with particularly good advertising options

EasyCooler has been designed in line with the special needs of the beverage industry and retail sector. Other important criteria in addition to energy efficiency were straightforward branding and quick restocking.

Plenty of product space and visibility increase beverage sales

EasyCooler is a versatile 3-in-1 beverage refrigerator. It can be used with shelves, brewery pallets and trolleys – or a combination of these. Door-hold hinges make restocking quick and easy.

Excellent environmental features save energy and increase sales at the same time. The refrigerators in the EasyCooler series can be lined up to create an attractive shop design.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Energy efficient, easy to stock roll-in cooler, glass-fronted
  • New streamlined design with excellent usability features
  • Large advertising spaces on side panels and unit top
  • Informative and user friendly control interface
  • Removable condensing unit
  • Door-hold mechanism for easy restocking

Technical specifications

  • External lenght (mm): 585, 1065, 1625
  • External height (mm): 2185
  • External depth (mm): 900, 926
  • Operating temperature (°C) +25 °C, 60% rel F.: +2.. +4