Roll-in chiller with a range of environmentally responsible functions

EcoCooler makes beverage sales both sustainable and efficient. Developed in cooperation with customers, EcoCooler has several green features that help to save both energy and money. Designed for compelling display of products and brands, EcoCooler is the best beverage refrigerator choice for the food industry and retail.

Lowest energy consumption on the market

The EcoCooler was designed to have the lowest energy consumption on the market. Its smart energy use is achieved with R290 (propane) as the refrigerant, hot gas defrost, double glazed doors and energy saving fans – to mention just a few features. Door-hold hinges make restocking an efficient process as well. The refrigerator also offers plenty of advertising space: the illuminated canopy, both side panels and the front plinth trim.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Energy efficient, easy to stock roll-in cooler, glass-fronted
  • Modern design with large areas for advertising on the side panels, unit top, and front plinth trim
  • Informative and user friendly interface with two temperature settings
  • Removable, easy to maintain condensing unit
  • Door-hold mechanism for quick and easy restocking
  • Place for padlock
  • Sustainable R290 refrigerant

Technical specifications

  • External lenght (mm): 890
  • External height (mm): 2060
  • External depth (mm): 730
  • Operating temperature (°C) +25 °C, 60% rel F.: +2..+6+6.. +10 (eco)