Ceiling units
for standard refrigeration and deep-freezing


The ceiling-mounted refrigeration and deep-freezing units can be simply attached to the cold room roof. The basic cold room area already provides sufficient space for this – no additional space requirement is needed. Several units can be networked in bus mode in a cold room. The cooling capacity of cold and deep-freezing rooms ranges from 800 to 2600 W, with  condensate evaporation.


Take advantage of these benefits

  • Plug-in solution
  • Space-saving and compact
  • Compatible with cold room wall thickness of 80-150 mm
  • Extended operating limits with ambient temperatures of +2°C to +40°C
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Hot gas defrosting


Bus mode

When installing a redundant system configuration, the bus functionality of the integrated SD controller further safeguards the quality of the goods. By using several units, the bus mode offers two-stage or multi-stage control, depending on the cooling demand potential for increasing the overall efficiency. In both cases, two or more units communicate via a system and can ensure the desired mode of operation is used.


  • Extensionof the operating limits (winter control), consisting of oil sump heater and speed control of condenser fan for ambient temperatures of minimum +1°C
  • Remote control with cable lengths of 5 m and 15 m
  • Door contact switch for hinged and sliding doors with three cable lengths from 1.5 m to 6.1 m
  • Connecting cable to power the cold room with three cable lengths from 1.5 m to 6.1 m
  • Mounting aperture for ceiling units