Tecto Refrigo ceiling unit
for standard refrigeration and deep-freezing


The Tecto Refrigo unit series from Viessmann combines high performance, ecological energy efficiency and intelligent features with a new design.

The Tecto Refrigo ceiling unit comes in six output levels for standard refrigeration with cooling capacities ranging from 700 W to 4,200 W as well as in six output levels for deep freezing with cooling capacities of 800 W to 4,100 W.

Even larger rooms are reliably and efficiently cooled at ambient temperatures of up to +42°C. The optimal interplay of various technical innovations and the use of modern compressors
make ceiling units from the new Tecto Refrigo series extremely efficient. Low operating and life cycle costs are guaranteed over the entire service life.


Take advantage of these benefits

Energy efficiency

  • Highenergy efficiency – based on comparable manufacturer performance statistics, cools up to 60% more cooling space than the market norm
  • Energy-efficient fan on the condenser (speed controlled)
  • Efficient and energy-saving hot gas defrost function


 Product safety

  • Better and more consistent cold distribution throughout the cold room thanks to up to 50% higher air throws
  • Cold room cut-out with 100 mm PUR casing around the evaporator to prevent thermal bridges
  • Greater operational reliability even at high external temperatures
  • Long-lasting SmartProtec® antibacterial powder coating


User friendliness

  • User-friendly operation thanks to low noise levels
  • Touch control with magnetic bracket
  • Units comply with level one of the EU F-gas regulation