Upright freezer cabinet with fully glazed doors and large sales area

The range of frozen food on offer is constantly growing as new brands, flavours and package sizes are launched. As consumers are offered greater choice in frozen foods, the need for display space grows as well.

Quick and easy to restock – for significant time savings

The Luxo upright freezer maximises the ratio of sales space to footprint. It can be restocked quickly and effortlessly, saving a significant amount of time. Technical features such as temperature performance, energy efficiency and easy maintenance, have been well thought out – not to mention the first class design, which makes Luxo so consumer friendly. This is the upright freezer that truly has it all.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Large glass doors and effective lighting
  • Completely transparent glass side panels for better product visibility
  • 300 mm front height
  • Continuous canopy
  • Multiplexable with Spirit and Intro
  • Energy saving fans (optional)
  • LED lights for improved internal illumination and energy efficiency (optional)
  • A range of refrigerants is available

Technical specifications

  • External lenght (mm): 795, 1565, 2345, 3125, 3890
  • External height (mm): 2010, 2210
  • External depth (mm): 970
  • Operating temperature (°C) +25 °C, 60% rel F.:
    - Coldroom: +2..+4
    - Deep-freezing room: -23..-21