Multideck cabinet with doors and extremely low lifecycle costs

e-Novus, a multideck with doors, has several outstanding features that bring real added value to retail customers. Excellent functionality and temperature performance make e-Novus a reliable investment for the long term. e-Novus also features the new e-ncore technology, which substantially improves the energy efficiency of multidecks with doors.

Increase sales while consuming less energy

e-Novus combines e-ncore technology with several other energy saving features that reduce energy consumption by 35 % compared to the average commercially available multideck. New features that improve usability and facilitate maintenance help to reduce the lifecycle costs of this multideck cabinet. In addition to technical superiority, e-Novus has a spacious display area enabling first class presentation for all products.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • New e-ncore air curtain
  • Optimised evaporator design
  • EC fans
  • Double glazed doors
  • Improved insulation
  • Removable honeycomb
  • Easy to maintain rear panel covers
  • Easy access to evaporator for maintenance
  • Can be multiplexed with e-Ventus, Spirit, Intro, Luxo and Nardo

Technical specifications

  • Front height (mm): 230/300*, 230, 300
  • External lenght (mm): 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750
  • External height (mm): 2010, 2210
  • External dept (mm) 820*, 1010, 1110, 1210
  • Operating temperature (°C) +25 °C, 60% rel F.: +0..+2

* Available in 82 mm depth