Roll-in multideck – easy to load and straightforward to maintain

Intro is engineered down to the last detail. Shapes, materials and accessories have been designed with care. There are large air channels to improve air circulation and wide return air grilles and honeycomb segments for more precise control of the air curtain.

New refrigeration solutions for additional energy savings

The Intro roll-in multideck is easy to stock and service. It can be stocked directly with roll-in trolleys, which saves staff time and ensures that there are always products on display.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Sturdy, user friendly lift-up front panel
  • End panels with smooth surfaces and extremely large glass panes
  • Large air ducts for improved air circulation
  • Energy saving fans (optional)
  • A range of refrigeration systems can be used
  • Option of multiplexing with Spirit, e-Ventus, e-Novus, Luxo and Nardo

Technical specifications

  • Front height (mm): 300, 430
  • External lenght (mm): 1875, 2500, 3750, 1940, 2910
  • External height (mm): 2010, 2210, 2250, 2450
  • External depth (mm): 1110, 1210, 1130
  • Operating temperature (°C) +25 °C, 60% rel F.: +4..+8 (Intro RI), +6..+8 (Intro RIFV)