A combined 3-in-1 counter for the display and sale of fresh and pre-packed food products.

The 3-in-1 Emilie counter is designed for food retailers and supermarkets. It has a larger display area than conventional counters with the same footprint, allowing retailers to make better use of the available space while increasing in-store efficiency at the same time.

Optimum utilisation of the display area

With an easy-to-adjust, flexible system on the upper glass deck, the Emilie can be used as a serve-over counter or, when business is quieter, can be converted into a self-service counter by opening the upper section. This multi-purpose system can be used according to the needs of the retailer and the available numbers of sales staff, thus increasing efficiency.

The large lower section of the counter has glass side panels making the merchandise visible from any angle, while the LED lighting ensures improved presentation and promotes sales from the counter. The counter is ergonomic, offering high user convenience for shop staff and customers alike. It can be restocked more quickly and easily, and enhances the shopping experience.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Flexible pane system to convert the serve-over counter into a self-service counter
  • Improved product visibility from the sides
  • Large display area on a small footprint
  • Spacious lower section

Technical specifications

  • External lenght (mm): 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750
  • External height (mm): 1230
  • External depth (mm): 1240
  • Operating temperature (°C) +25 °C, 60% rel F.: +0..+2