Vitosol 200-F - proven collector

Take advantage of these benefits

  • High output
  • Suitable for above roof installation, roof integration, flat roof installation, or wall mounting
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Customised painting of frame in any RAL colour upon request
  • Permanently sealed by all-round frame and seamless pane mounting

For DHW heating and central heating backup

Vitosol 200-F is a proven series of flat-plate collectors with high output values. They can be used in a wide range of situations, and can be installed both horizontally (type SH2) and vertically (type SV2).

Their all-round, permanently sealed aluminium frame ensures high operational reliability. Highly effective thermal insulation made from melamine resin foam and the powerful absorbers result in high output values.

The collector frame and the absorber surface are in a uniform and harmonious design in elegant dark blue. The collector can be painted, upon request, in all RAL colours.

Quick and easy installation

The Vitosol 200-F flat-plate collector is particularly easy to install. Up to twelve solar collectors can be quickly and securely linked together.

For integration into the roof cover, a special model (type SV2E / SH2E) is available for fitting the edge trims. These create a harmonious transition between the collector surface and the roof.

The pane seal is seamless and made of flexible, weather and UV-resistant sealing material.


ESOP Online

ESOP Online provide you with a calculation program for solar thermal systems, which you can use to compare and contrast various product configurations and combinations and their cost effectiveness.

Once you have entered all the required parameters, ESOP calculates the standard values for the insolation energy and the resulting system yield, as well as the percentage of your total energy demand covered by the various different combination options.