Vitomax 300-HS M93A - the industrial boiler with a high output

Take advantage of these benefits

  • 3-pass steel boiler without refractory lining
  • Large steam chamber with low steam chamber load ensures high grade steam with low residual moisture
  • Low-stress design ensures a long service life
  • Easy to service due to numerous inspection and access ports and absence of refractory lining
  • Optimum flame tube geometries guarantee clean combustion

Efficiency greater than 95.5 percent

The Vitomax 300-HS M93A high pressure steam boiler meets all the requirements for clean combustion. In gas operation, NOx emissions are less than 70 mg/Nm³; in oil operation, less than 150 mg/Nm³.

Irrespective of the fuel used, it generates 1 to 4 t/h with no output losses.

The operating pressure extends from 6 to 25 bar (up to 30 bar on request).

Its efficiency is greater than 95.5 percent at full load in continuous operation.

The Vitomax 300-HS is designed for manufacturing industries, where steam is required continuously. In particular, these include the food processing, fertiliser, construction material, paper, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as hospitals and refineries.

Long-term boiler operation

The spacing between the smoke tubes, as well as from the smoke tubes to the boiler shell and to the flame tube, are well above requirements.

The shearing force on the end face floors caused by different linear expansion in the smoke tubes and the flame tube is therefore extremely low.

This design guarantees a long service life for the Vitomax 300-HS.

Numerous inspection and access ports make boiler maintenance easy.