Our Values

Viessmann's corporate principles were first formulated in 1966. They were and are important guidelines for our success. In order to align the corporate culture with the disruptive changes in the environment that accompany digitalization, the Code of Values was realigned in 2016. The declared aim is to strengthen creativity and personal responsibility in the company and thus to promote innovative strength and the rapid implementation of good ideas.

The values are the guideline for our daily actions.



We show appreciation and respect when dealing with our stakeholders. Decisions and information that are important for our mutual success are shared. We act quickly, flexibly and with a focus on solutions.



We make firm commitments and ensure honest collaboration. Every employee makes and can name his or her contribution to the company's success. Our actions are with resource efficiency, ecology and social competence in mind.



We are the technological pacemakers in our sector and will continue to shape developments in this industry in the future.