Energy policy

Based on the Viessmann company principles, the energy policy specifies the following principles of conduct for all employees of the Viessmann Group.

Energy objective

With this energy policy, the Viessmann Group undertakes to continue reducing energy demand and therefore CO2 emissions. This takes place on the basis of defined strategic energy objectives. The board of directors of the respective Group company defines these objectives annually in accordance with the higher ranking objectives of the corporate group. The basis for defining the objectives is provided by weather data or production-adjusted consumption data from the preceding period, as well as the cost-effectiveness of the respective decisions in terms of sustainability.

Continuous improvement in energy-related performance

We seek to achieve continuous improvement in energy-related performance. In so doing, compliance with statutory requirements is assumed to be the minimum standard.


Sustainability is also a factor when making decisions relevant to energy. Life cycle assessments are prepared wherever practical.


The active involvement of all employees is necessary for implementation of the energy policy. Employees of the Group companies are provided with comprehensive information, notified of energy-related issues and integrated into the energy management programme.

Scope, resources

The company's energy objectives apply equally to all divisions of the company, all activities and processes.
The senior management board of the Viessmann Group makes available all the resources and information necessary for implementing the energy policy and achieving the strategic and operative objectives.

General public

The public is informed regularly about energy aspects, energy consumption and the energy management programme in the Viessmann Group.


In conjunction with the energy objectives, emission targets are also defined for the Viessmann Group. Emissions are constantly reduced through improved energy efficiency and a steadily higher proportion of renewables in the energy mix.


Compliance with the energy policy is checked and evaluated regularly by the senior management board of the Viessmann Group.

Energy monitoring

Energy consumption at the Group companies is constantly measured and monitored. Important energy aspects are regularly recorded, verified and communicated.