Commitment to protecting the environment

As a third-generation family business and leading international heating technology manufacturer, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility, as well as safeguarding the future of generations yet to come. The continuing improvement of measures that protect resources and the environment with a view to sustainability is an essential component of our company philosophy.  


Well established environmental management

For decades, we have been putting into practice the concept of integrated environmental protection along the entire value chain. Environmental protection integrated into processes and products is given top priority over remedying any damage that has already occurred. Environmental management, which has been implemented for a number of years, organises and monitors the translation of our environmental policy.

We continually check whether goals derived from our environmental policy are being achieved. In Germany, all Viessmann sites and sales offices are certified to EN ISO 14001. In 1995, Viessmann Werke with its sites in Allendorf was the first company in the heating technology sector and the second in Germany to be certified according to stringent European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme EMAS.

Energy efficient and environmentally responsible products

The subject of sustainability is a top priority for us particularly during product development. As early as the design stage, we ensure that raw materials are used in the production process in a way that protects natural resources. Our heat generators are characterised in operation by high thermal efficiency and a long service life. At the end of their technical service life, Viessmann products are professionally recycled and valuable raw materials are returned to the manufacturing and material cycle.

For its technological innovations and its exemplary commitment to environmental protection, Viessmann has received numerous awards, including the "European Business Award for the Environment" and recognition as "Beacon" of the Hessen Environmental Alliance. The German Energy Agency (dena) awarded the "Energy Efficiency Award" for the central heat recovery plant in the context of "Efficiency Plus".



"Efficiency Plus" sustainability project

Our current commitment to sustainability centres around the pioneering "Efficiency Plus" project, which is based on a holistic concept for climate protection, resource efficiency and securing the future of our sites. We are increasing not only work and material efficiency in production, but also energy efficiency on the generation and consumption side. As a result, we are using 40 percent less fossil fuel and are reducing CO2 emissions by a third. This enables us to separate energy demand from production output.

In 2009, the company received the German Sustainability Award for "Germany's most sustainable production 2009", in 2011 the German Sustainability Award for "Germany's most sustainable brand 2011" and in 2013 the Sustainability Award 2013 for "exemplary resource efficiency".


Through a cooperation agreement with the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Germany (NABU), we demonstrate our consistent commitment to preserving and protecting the environment.