The Viessmann Infocenter

We established the Viessmann Academy at our company head office in Allendorf (Eder) to enable us to pass on even more knowledge about new technologies in the heating sector.

The Viessmann information centre comprises the Academy and innovative energy centre, as well as the "Galeria", which houses an exhibition illustrating the essence of our brand, and the "Via Temporis" museum. This means that, when visiting our site, guests can also gain first-hand experience of the values and expertise that embody the essence of our company's philosophy.

With its comprehensive range for all fuel types and for all output ranges, Viessmann has adjusted well to structural changes in the heating sector. We have taken a "lean" approach to production in Allendorf and have consequently increased operational efficiency significantly. With our futureproof "Efficiency Plus" energy concept, we are achieving a 40 % saving on fossil fuel at the Allendorf site and cutting CO2 emissions by a third. We rely primarily on biomass, which we are cultivating largely in company owned short rotation coppices.

The Infocenter explains how Viessmann, a traditional third-generation family business, plans to meet the challenges of the future.



The technical aspects of heating technology are becoming more complex, whilst the product range continues to expand. Heating systems for oil and gas, heat pumps, bioenergy, solar thermal systems, photovoltaics, combined heat and power, as well as air conditioning, require individual solutions in all application areas.

Only those that face up to the challenges of their everyday jobs and professions with flexibility and pertinent expertise can satisfy their customers in the long run. Today, knowledge of each respective specialism and the many different ways innovative technology can be combined to raise efficiency levels, including the use of renewables, is more in demand than ever. This also raises the bar when it comes to the qualification of all our trade partners in the heating sector. Further training, advanced knowledge and speedy processing of information are continuously gaining in relevance.

The Viessmann Academy offers a widely structured range of courses in response to these challenges. These are aimed at contractors in the sanitary, heating and air conditioning sector, flue gas inspectors, design engineers, energy consultants, architects, housing associations, educational facilities, industry, commerce and municipal authorities. And there is a good response to what's on offer - worldwide, 90,000 specialists attend training events provided by the Viessmann Academy every year.


The "Galeria" exhibition illustrates the essence of our brand.


Via Temporis

The history of Viessmann heating technology is marked by technical milestones, with the company setting the pace early on for an entire industry. To show the company's history, summarise it for visitors to the Allendorf factory and put it in its historical context, an extraordinary building structure was erected: the "Via Temporis" museum.

The historical exhibition provides information on the history of the company and, at the same time, is a testament to the life's work of Dr Hans Viessmann, who developed the workshop he took over from his father into a global concern.

The Via Temporis adjoins the Viessmann Galeria, which was also built as a modern industrial architectural concept characteristic of the Bauhaus style. It highlights the essence of our brand, featuring Viessmann's key areas of expertise.

Innovative energy centre

At the company's head office in Allendorf, Viessmann has created a unique communication platform for the heating industry in the form of its Infocenter. From the small to the industrial output range, boiler and CHP systems operate in the energy centre and in the lecture rooms of the academy.

Viessmann proves with its sustainability project "Efficiency Plus" how heat and power can be generated in a climate and resource-responsible manner using commercially available technology. Energy generation from biomass can be experienced in the company's own biogas plant. The permanent exhibition, a works visit and the Via Temporis offer visitors an impressive look at the Viessmann brand.