Three-time winner of the German Sustainability Award

The greatest challenges of our time are climate change, the scarcity of natural resources and the ever increasing internationalisation of the economy. Industrial nations are also confronted with demographic developments that in turn lead to an ageing, shrinking population. There is only one method of meeting this challenge, and that is with sustainable actions in all areas of life.

Sustainability – enshrined in our company principles

As a leading international manufacturer of heating equipment and third-generation family business we are acutely aware of the responsibility arising from this. Sustainability is already firmly anchored in our company principles. Our actions are guided by sustainability.

Safeguarding the survival and competitiveness of the company

Based on this commitment, our sustainability strategy safeguards the survival and competitiveness of Viessmann as an independent family business. We consider climate protection, environmental responsibility and resource efficiency throughout the company, with some 11,500 employees globally, to be key priorities.


2009 – "most sustainable production"

The year 2009 was the first in which Viessmann was awarded the German Sustainability Prize for the most sustainable production. This was in recognition of the company's pioneering role with the "Efficiency Plus" sustainability project. With Efficiency Plus at its head office in Allendorf (Eder), Viessmann has proven that the energy and climate policy targets set for 2050 can already be achieved today. Through the use of commercially available technology, energy efficiency in particular has been significantly increased, as well as operational and material efficiency. Consumption of fossil fuels fell by 66 percent, while CO2 emissions were reduced by 80 percent.


2011 – "most sustainable brand"

Viessmann received this award in 2011, this time for the most sustainable brand in Germany. In their welcome address, the panel of judges pointed out that sustainability at Viessmann has been engrained in the essence of the brand since 1966. That is reflected today in particular in the company's commitment to solving central energy transition issues.


2013 – "exemplary resource efficiency"

The company received the third award in the form of the German Sustainability Prize 2013 on account of its "exemplary resource efficiency". When giving their reasons, the panel of judges believed that: "Viessmann is exemplary within its industry in terms of resource efficiency. What is impressive is the long service life of the products, easy repair options thanks to provision of spare parts, the recyclable design and the associated ease of dismantling, as well as an innovative returns system."