Viessmann steam boilers for industrial applications

System solutions for economical steam generation

The energy-saving and low-emission provision of steam as well as high operational reliability and availability of the plants are essential requirements for production facilities and industrial plants. Individual specifications for customized system solutions must be taken into account for boiler house concepts tailored to requirements. This requires competent advice, a comprehensive range of services and products that ensure economical and future-proof steam generation.

Years of experience ensure high quality

Vitomax steam boilers offer the best prerequisites for this due to their design and equipment. Many details of Vitomax steam boilers and many years of experience in the construction of utility and industrial boilers ensure the high quality, provide consistently high operational reliability and a long service life. Specialists in industrial boiler technology and local partners work together with the customer to plan a system that is tailored to his needs and offers maximum efficiency.

Perfectly coordinated system technology

Viessmann's complete range includes low-pressure and high-pressure steam generators up to 31.5 t/h and waste heat boilers for high-pressure steam. Perfectly matched system technology for open-loop and closed-loop control as well as firing systems, water treatment, feedwater tanks, flue gas systems, heat recovery systems and water analysis make the energy system complete.

Viessmann industrial boiler technology impresses with quality, efficiency, sustainability and service!


Innovative design and manufacturing methods ensure high quality

The production of Viessmann industrial boiler systems is located in Mittenwalde near Berlin. Here, specialist engineers guarantee individual advice and processing for each system. In addition to the large boiler production with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the site has its own research and development department. For example, finite element calculations are used to analyze stress curves and optimize tube arrangements or welded joints. This supports and ensures that the design complies with the regulations.

Viessmann's manufacturing technology meets the requirements of all current country-specific codes and standards. In addition, increased demands are placed on the materials used and their processing. Beyond the rules and regulations, the employees in the welding shop have to meet special requirements. Appropriate agreements are made with suppliers to limit tolerances and material properties beyond the standard values.

Low-voltage design for long service life

Right from the design phase, attention is paid to a low-stress and space-optimized design of Viessmann industrial boilers, thus laying the foundation for a long product service life at an early stage. Special features such as the optional wear-free burner bushing later contribute to savings in ongoing operation.

Water treatment reduces costs and protects the plant
Steam boiler

Water treatment

State-of-the-art machinery ensures the high-quality production of steam generators.

Most stringent manufacturing and testing procedures

Automated manufacturing processes, avoidance of welds in constrained positions or special weld preparations are just a few aspects on the way to the perfect product. Stringent quality inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process ensure the premium product quality of every boiler. In accordance with country-specific regulations, the weld seams are inspected using ultrasound and X-ray methods to rule out even the smallest defects. Here, too, Viessmann's high level of environmental awareness and ongoing digitalization process come into play. The use of digital X-rays means that chemicals are no longer used to develop X-ray films. If necessary, the customer receives the images online.

Highest quality through selected suppliers

Viessmann works exclusively with renowned manufacturers who meet high quality requirements. This ensures consistently reliable quality for all components of a system.

Efficiency and sustainability

An ideally matched product range is a prerequisite for efficient and economical system operation. Viessmann attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainability.

Efficient due to high efficiency

To increase their efficiency, Viessmann industrial boilers can be equipped with integrated or external heat exchangers. They utilize the waste heat, which can be used, for example, to preheat fresh water or combustion air. Thermal apparatus, from mixer coolers and blowdown stressers to vapor coolers, convert waste heat into usable energy for the plant. This saves fuel costs and protects the environment.

Intelligent control systems help to operate each plant economically and efficiently through networking and plant management. Analysis and evaluation of measured and consumption values provide a high level of security for optimum and efficient operation.

Benchmark for automation and control technology
Steam boiler

Vitocontrol HS

Low-NOx burner for particularly low emissions: Gas burner

Environmentally conscious and sustainable

Vitomax HS high pressure steam boilers meet all requirements for low emission combustion. In gas operation, NOx emissions are below 70 mg/Nm³, in oil operation below 150 mg/Nm³. Efficient combinations of boilers with different burner makes can be further optimized by using O2 and speed controls.

Early advice and reliable service

The investment in a large boiler plant is usually associated with other projects. For example, the construction of a new boiler house or, in the case of a refurbishment, uninterrupted operation during the replacement of the boilers. In any case, the experts from Viessmann provide the necessary assistance for on-time planning at an early stage.

Understand and realize customer needs correctly

The many years of experience of the engineers and the sales department make a major contribution to identifying the necessary measures and planning them in a customer-oriented manner. Competent support at every stage of the project is a matter of course. The result is customized solutions achieved with modular products and the right selection of suitable additional functions or equipment.

Top priority: customer satisfaction!

Even beyond commissioning, Viessmann offers the necessary service for a system around the clock. Whether by remote access or by our own service technicians. The top priority is customer satisfaction!

Transporting the Vitomax boilers requires extensive logistical expertise

Transporting Vitomax boilers requires extensive logistical expertise.

The essential services at a glance

+ Engineering includes the design of complete boiler systems

+ Pre-assembled, wired and piped systems already at the factory on request - reduces installation work on site

+ Just-in-time transport and installation at destination based on years of experience

+ Commissioning and training of personnel for smooth operation

+ All-round carefree service with customized maintenance contracts contribute to the operational reliability of the boiler plants

+ Reliable spare parts management with availability of plant components

+ Individual spare parts concepts for the stocking of common parts according to the system design

Steam boiler

Viessmann's complete range includes low-pressure and high-pressure steam generators up to 31.5 t/h, waste heat boilers for high-pressure steam, and high-performance steam boiler systems up to 120t/h. Perfectly matched system technology for open-loop and closed-loop control as well as firing systems, water treatment, feedwater tanks, flue gas systems, heat recovery systems and water analysis make the energy system complete.