Efficient energy systems for commercial applications

To ensure the success of the energy transition, energy efficiency must be increased – not just in existing buildings as the largest energy consumer, but also in manufacturing and industry. In Germany, this sector accounts for around a third of the annual final energy consumption of 2500 TWh. Some 40 percent of this could be saved by 2020 through modernisation measures – huge potential that can be unlocked by using energy efficient technology. Furthermore, investment in an economical supply of steam, heating, cooling and power reduces costs, creating a competitive advantage.

Viessmann offers suitable comprehensive system solutions, which ensure an economical steam, heating, cooling and power supply. Control technology components, and those for remote monitoring and control, are similarly part of our comprehensive range, as are extensive services ranging from engineering to commissioning and service. In addition, our product range includes the development and realisation of comprehensive energy concepts for manufacturers as well as service providers, such as in those involved in gastronomy.

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