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Energy efficiency is – along with the expansion of renewables – the second pillar of the energy transition. In reality, too little is being done: only 20 percent of all heating systems in Germany meet current technological standards. This modernisation backlog needs to be resolved – with the use of innovative system solutions that help reduce costs and protect the environment. Viessmann's comprehensive range includes efficient condensing boilers for oil and gas, micro CHP units with a Stirling engine or PEM fuel cell, gas adsorption heating appliances and CHP units.

The range of renewable energy systems features solar thermal systems to heat domestic hot water and to provide central heating backup and cooling, as well as special boilers for logs, woodchips and pellets. There are also hybrid appliances; heat pumps and ice store systems that exploit heat from the ground, from groundwater or from the ambient air, plus photovoltaic and ventilation systems. No matter which Viessmann system you choose, all are equipped with leading technology, setting the benchmark with their high energy efficiency.

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