Vitocell 100-L with separate Vitotrans 222 heat exchanger set

By adding the Vitotrans 222 (80, 120 and 240 kW) supplied separately as an accessory, the Vitocell 100-L forms a cylinder loading system for DHW heating. The heat exchanger set comprises a plate heat exchanger, fittings and pumps.

Mixer assemblies, temperature controllers and the Vitotronic 200-H control unit, type HK1B or HK3B, are available as accessories. The complete system is ideally used for the following applications and conditions:

  • Heating circuits requiring low return temperatures or where the return temperatures are limited, e.g. for district heating or condensing boilers. The wide DHW spread leads to a low return temperature on the heating water side; this brings advantages through high condensation rates when utilising condensing technology.
  • Large cylinder capacities with offset heating and draw-off times, e.g. where water is drawn off at peak times in schools, sports centres, hospitals, army barracks, council facilities, apartment buildings, etc.
  • Short-term peak loads, i.e. high draw-off rates and varying reheat times, e.g. DHW heating in swimming pools, sports centres, industrial enterprises and abattoirs
  • Limited space as the cylinder loading system can transfer a high output.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Corrosion-resistant cylinder made from steel, with Ceraprotect enamel coating
  • Additional cathodic protection via magnesium anode; impressed current anode available as an accessory
  • Removable thermal insulation for easy handling
  • Low heat losses due to high grade, all-round thermal insulation
  • Electric immersion heater and heating lance for use in conjunction with heat pumps available as accessories
  • In conjunction with the Vitotrans 222 heat exchanger set (accessory) as a cylinder loading system particularly suitable for combination with condensing boilers
  • Accurate cylinder heating, even with modulating flow temperature
  • With highly efficient cylinder loading and heating water pump, plus full thermal insulation

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