Large heat pumps up to 2000 KW

Benefits of these advantages

  • Water/water, brine/water and air/water heat pumps
  • Bespoke manufacture to customer requirements
  • Reliable schedules and cost projections
  • 30 years experience
  • All materials and processes certified

The right solution for every scenario

At Viessmann we employ our experience over many years to design and construct heat pumps for any application. The units are manufactured to the customer's dimensions and requirements and can be installed even under difficult conditions.

Dual mode energy systems combine a heat pump with an additional heat generator. While the heat pump supplies the base load for heating and DHW, a peak load boiler automatically supplies the additional energy required when temperatures are extremely low.

Intelligent control concepts

Today's building services require integrated control solutions which need to communicate with other systems.

With the Multi-Module Management 300, Viessmann offers maximum functionality which can be integrated into common building management systems.

Product cross-section