Power storage units

Benefit from these advantages:

  • Reduction in power drawn from the grid
  • Security of supply due to emergency power function (LVA type)
  • Status monitoring via the internet
  • Low maintenance systems
  • Plug & work for quick and straightforward installation

Generate power on site and store it for later use

Power generated on site is not always consumed immediately. Viessmann power storage units provide the solution: they charge themselves automatically and release the power as required – to run your washing machine, for example.

If the battery is fully charged and no consumers are connected, excess power is exported into the grid automatically and remunerated accordingly.

The system is ideal for detached houses. The power generated on site is used efficiently and reduces the amount of electricity that would otherwise need to be purchased from external suppliers.

Three systems for individual applications

Viessmann offers three different storage systems, including compact appliances for wall mounting, and modular systems. They can be flexibly adjusted and extended to meet the required storage capacity.

All battery systems feature a long service life of up to 20 years, low maintenance technology, an established returns system for spent batteries, and automatic operation.

Modular power storage unit, type LVA


Vitotwin 300-W_00009

Micro CHP unit with power storage unit

[1] Vitotwin 300-W wall mounted micro CHP unit
[2] Vitocell 340-M heating water buffer cylinder
[3] Vitovolt power storage unit
[4] Inverter (power storage unit)
[5] Heating circuit
[6] Consumers
[7] Meter
[8] Domestic power circuit
[9] Home Manager
[10] Public grid
[11] Wireless remote control