Vitovolt 300 PV packages - Four steps to an efficient system

Dimensioning your photovoltaic system - Benefit from these advantages

  • Simple system design according to energy consumption, taking into account the number of people in the household
  • Area matrix for checking the required roof area
  • Everything from a single source - coordinated system components enable simple installation and commissioning
  • Quick installation due to ready-to-plug-in components
  • One scope of delivery for all module arrangements enables flexible application
  • System guarantee from Viessmann for the photovoltaic modules, the mounting system and the inverter

Four questions to find the right system

Efficient systems today are often equipped with a photovoltaic system. This technology can significantly increase the efficiency or self-sufficiency of a house.

The size of a photovoltaic system is primarily based on the power requirements of a house. If the power demand and the size of the system are coordinated, an optimal self-sufficiency from the photovoltaic system is possible. Independence from rising electricity costs and self-sufficiency from central power generation are the result.

The following four questions can be used to determine the appropriate size of the photovoltaic system:

  1. How many people live in your household?
  2. Does a heat pump provide heating and/or hot water?
  3. How high and wide is your roof?
  4. Would you like to further increase your efficiency or self-sufficiency with the use of an electricity storage unit?

1. How many people live in your household?

Exemplary answer: "There are 4 people living in my household."

Electricity consumption is largely determined by the number of people in the household. By selecting the number of people, you can determine the average household electricity requirement and thus the appropriate package.

2. Does a heat pump provide heating and/or hot water?

Exemplary answer: "Yes
The use of a heat pump increases the amount of usable photovoltaic electricity. A larger system should be selected due to the additional electricity demand. In this case, package L is the ideal variant.

Simple system design according to energy consumption via the number of persons in the household

3. How high and wide is your roof?

Exemplary answer: "The available roof area is 5.5 (width) x 7.0 (height) m."

After the existing, shade-free roof area (width x height) has been determined, the data can be transferred to the matrix and the maximum possible package size for the roof area can be read off. For the above example, this means that package L is suitable for the roof.

A check of the required roof area clarifies whether the photovoltaic system fits on the roof. If not, a smaller system can be chosen. However, this will slightly reduce the share of your own power supply. However, you continue to save with every kilowatt hour you use yourself from the photovoltaic system.


Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic packages


● Photovoltaic package XS, PV output 2.60 kWp (10 modules)
● Photovoltaic package S, PV output 3.12 kWp (12 modules)
● Photovoltaic package M, PV power 4.16 kWp (16 modules)
● Photovoltaic package L, PV power 5.20 kWp (20 modules)
● Photovoltaic package XL, PV power 6.24 kWp (24 modules)
● Photovoltaic package XXL, PV power 7.80 kWp (30 modules)

Scope of delivery:

● Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic modules (260 Wp)
● Viessmann mounting system for on-roof installation for pitched roofs.
  - Single-layer design, pantiled roof, rafter spacing 0.80 m,
  - Snow load zone 2 up to ground elevation 300 m,
  - Wind load zone 2 up to building height 10 m
  - Roof pitch 35 ° to 65 °.
● Inverter Viessmann Piko PV connection cables (pre-assembled MC4 open).


● Substructure for all interconnected module arrangements.
● Connection cable for photovoltaic generator to inverter (25 m per string, pre-assembled with MC4)
● 10-year system warranty by Viessmann

4. Would you like to further increase your efficiency or self-sufficiency by using an electricity storage system?

Exemplary answer: "Yes".

If you would like to use an electricity storage battery, then select the package with option (B). The use of a storage battery increases your self-power usage. In this case, the PV power can be larger, since the electricity can be stored temporarily.


Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic packages with power storage (battery).


● Vitovolt 300 PV package M (B), PV output 4.16 kWp (16 modules) / 3.6 kWh
● Vitovolt 300 PV package L (B), PV output 5.20 kWp (20 modules) / 4.8 kWh
● Vitovolt 300 PV package XL (B), PV output 6.24 kWp (24 modules) / 6.0 kWh
● Vitovolt 300 PV package XXL (B), PV output 7.80 kWp (30 modules) / 7.2 kWh

Scope of delivery:

● Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic modules (260 Wp)
● Viessmann substructure for on-roof installation
● Piko BA inverter (incl. 10-year warranty extension)
● Piko BA sensor
● Piko Battery Li power storage unit
● PV connection cables pre-config. MC4-open
● Battery inverter/charger integrated in photovoltaic inverter
● Piko BA lithium-based power storage unit


● Substructure for all interconnected module arrangements
● Connection cables 25 m per module string
● 10-year product warranty


Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic packages - Guaranteed safety from Viessmann

The packages include a 10-year product warranty by Viessmann for the modules, the mounting system and the PV inverter