Vitosol 100-FM – high performance flat-plate collector with switching ThermProtect absorber layer

Available with an aluminium coloured frame, the powerful Vitosol 100-FM flat-plate collector is the perfect addition to any heating system. With an individual absorber area of 2.3 m², solar collectors can be effectively matched to any energy demand.

On average, they can replace up to 60 percent of the energy that would otherwise be required each year for DHW heating and contribute to central heating backup. When used in conjunction with a condensing boiler, free solar energy can help you reduce your annual energy consumption for heating and DHW by over one third.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • No overheating or vapour formation in the case of low heat demand
  • Higher solar coverage for central heating backup and DHW heating
  • Universally suitable for above roof installation, roof integration, flat roof installation, or wall mounting
  • High performance flat-plate collector with switching ThermProtect absorber layer
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically

Available 1st August 2016

Product cross-section


Gross area
2,51 m²
Absorber area
2,32 m²
Collector type
Flat plate collector
The Vitosol 100-FM is available with an aluminum-coloured frame.
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Residential, commercial, public | New construction and modernisation.
Flat plate collector for vertical (type SV 1 F) or horizontal (type SH1F) assembly, for flat and pitched roofs.
Other features
For DHW, heating and swimming pool water via a heat exchanger.

ThermProtect prevents overheating

An intelligent absorber layer protects the collectors from overheating. Viessmann’s patented ThermProtect technology switches the solar collectors off when they reach a specific temperature. At temperatures of 75 °C and above, the crystalline structure of the absorber layer changes, increasing the rate of heat radiation many times over and reducing collector output. This significantly lowers the maximum temperature inside the collector and prevents vapour formation in the solar circuit.

By lowering the collector temperature, the crystalline structure returns to its original state. More than 95 percent of the incoming solar energy can now be absorbed and converted into heat. Only the remaining five percent is reflected. There is no limit to the number of times the change in crystalline structure can be activated, making this function available at all times.

Permanently sealed and well insulated

The all-round folded aluminium frame and seamless pane seal ensure permanent tightness and a highly stable collector. The back panel is puncture-proof and corrosion-resistant. Highly effective thermal insulation reduces heat losses particularly in spring, autumn and winter.

Straightforward installation

The collector is particularly easy to install. The integral flow and return pipes enable safe installation, even for larger collector arrays, using flexible corrugated stainless steel pipe plug-in connectors. Up to twelve solar collectors can be easily linked together. The flat-plate collectors can be used universally for above roof installation, roof integration and installation on collector supports, for example on flat roofs. The easy to assemble Viessmann fixing system consists of load-tested and corrosion-resistant components made from stainless steel and aluminium.



ESOP Online provide you with a calculation program for solar thermal systems, which you can use to compare and contrast various product configurations and combinations and their cost effectiveness.

Once you have entered all the required parameters, ESOP calculates the standard values for the insolation energy and the resulting system yield, as well as the percentage of your total energy demand covered by the various different combination options.