Solar thermal systems for DHW heating and central heating backup

With more than 30 years' experience in the development and manufacture of solar thermal systems, you can count on our high quality and technical expertise. It makes no difference whether you opt for a new condensing boiler for oil or gas, a heating system for wood, or a heat pump – all Viessmann systems are designed to work in combination with solar technology.

Tube collectors

Effective use of the sun's energy – the absorbers with highly selective coating collect a vast amount of solar energy and thereby ensure high efficiency. At the same time, the vacuum in the tubes provides very effective thermal insulation. This means there are almost no losses between the glass tubes and the absorber, enabling the collector to convert even low levels of insolation into useful energy. The vacuum tube collectors use the available insolation extremely efficiently, particularly in the spring and autumn, and in the winter when outside temperatures are low.