New business areas for energy utilities and energy service providers

The framework conditions for the energy industry are changing fundamentally with the implementation of the energy transition: An increasingly decentralized energy supply will shape the market of the future. Consumers are placing higher demands on an efficient, convenient energy supply. All in all, there will be dynamic reforms of the energy services markets, which will require new business models. For energy utilities and energy service providers, this will create opportunities to further develop existing business areas and establish new ones.

In order to secure the core business of energy supply, it is increasingly necessary to offer energy services. When it comes to marketing products and services in the field of energy efficiency, cooperation between energy suppliers and market partners such as appliance and system manufacturers and specialist trades is particularly important. Many energy suppliers are already active in the service market or will become more involved in the future. The market for energy services can therefore be classified as a growth market overall.

Meanwhile, significant changes are taking place in the area of sector coupling. Power-to-gas technology is playing a central role here: power-to-gas is ideally suited to coupling the consumption sectors of electricity, heat and mobility. Electricity becomes primary energy that can be used to decarbonize the energy sectors across the board via the gas grid. Whether through on-demand power generation by means of cogeneration or use as a biofuel, synthetic methane offers a wide range of possible uses and thus represents a key prerequisite for the success of the energy transition. Methane gas can be stored for long periods in the gas grid, which with its pipelines and caverns has a storage capacity of several months. This serves the politically desired sector coupling of electricity, heat and mobility: Regardless of where it is produced, the gas can be used for heat supply, electricity production or in natural gas cars as a climate-friendly fuel.

Viessmann - your reliable partner

Viessmann is your reliable partner when it comes to customer-oriented systems and services related to energy efficiency:

  • Decentralized power and heat systems
  • Heating services
  • Tenant electricity models
  • Electric mobility
  • Energy self-sufficiency
  • Neighborhood solutions
  • Virtual power plants
  • Power-to-gas
  • Direct marketing of renewable energies
  • Energy management systems

Benefits from these advantages

  • Safeguarding the core business of energy supply
  • Opening up new business areas to compensate for declining revenues from energy sales
  • Strengthening customer loyalty as well as acquiring new customers
  • Presentation as a service company
  • Image enhancement and increased public acceptance through visible contribution to climate protection
  • Differentiation from the competition through development of energy know-how and use of synergy potentials.