Viessmann at the world's leading trade fair ISH Energy 2015

The motto of this year's presentation: "Hybrid – Connect – Power""

Hybrid – Connect – Power" is the motto of Viessmann's trade fair presentation at ISH Energy 2015. The company is therefore addressing the crucial issues of the industry. The motto's three core messages are displayed on three imposing eight-meter-high towers. A large part of the exhibition space is also devoted to presenting the wide range of services offered by Viessmann to its market partners to accompany its comprehensive program of products. They include individual solutions for all areas of application and fuel sources.


"Hybrid" stands for sustainable heating systems that intelligently combine condensing and heat pump technology – both highly efficient and renewable, for gas and for oil. These systems automatically optimize their mode of operation depending on energy prices and the outdoor temperature. Homeowners can select either the ecological mode or the economical mode of operation. The Viessmann hybrid systems already meet the future requirements of the sustainable energy era today – and enable homeowners to operate heating systems with a high degree of sustainability.


Under "Connect", Viessmann is showcasing completely new solutions for networked facility energy management at ISH Energy – ranging from Internet Inside to remote operation of devices through to digitally controlling the entire energy management of a house. The core message is – boosting convenience with smart energy management.


"Power" designates the production, consumption, and storage of own electricity. It includes combined heat and power generation with either a motor or fuel cells as well as the operation of heat pumps with self-generated photovoltaic electricity. These technologies give the homeowner a higher degree of independence from the electricity market. Viessmann is also presenting an international innovation at ISH Energy: the Vitovalor 300-P fuel cell heating system, which has already been launched on the market. It produces both heat and electricity with environmentally friendly technology.

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