Policy objectives for 2050 already achieved

Viessmann flagship project for resource efficiency, climate protection, and job security

Although much lip service is paid to energy saving and reducing CO2, there has been little concrete action. To show that the sustainable energy era is possible, Viessmann has implemented a flagship project as part of the company's sustainability strategy. It is founded on an integrated concept for resource efficiency, climate protection, and job security. The project has succeeded in cutting fossil fuel consumption at the company's headquarters in Allendorf (Eder) by 70 percent and CO2 emissions by 80 percent – by implementing available technologies in an economic manner.

Viessmann has therefore set an example, proving that the German government's energy and climate policy targets for 2050 can already be achieved today. All technologies required to do this are currently available on the market.

The complete press release is available as a Word document or PDF file under "Download".