Divisionalization and integration of Group companies

Viessmann undertakes strategic moves

An important strategic step was taken by partitioning the company's business activities into three divisions, each of which is headed by a member of the supervisory board:

  • The Heating Systems division encompasses the traditional business, i.e. heating technology that is manufactured in series and marketed through the sales network.
  • The Industrial Systems division develops customer-specific solutions for industrial applications and municipal power plant planning and construction.
  • The Cooling Systems division encompasses cooling technology, including cold rooms and refrigeration units on one hand, and development and manufacture of heat pumps on the other.

The new structure will serve to maintain and further advance the company's market intimacy and ability to react quickly.  

Further development of the organization structure

Strong growth in the last few years has not only made the company bigger, it has also made it more complex. The strategy was conceived to ensure continuing success in the future, and thus the company's independence as a family-owned business in the long term. The first phase of the strategy was to decentralize the company, which has already been implemented. Now another important step toward the organizational structure's strategic development has been taken with the partitioning into divisions.

Integration of Group members

Viessmann has expanded its technological base considerably and integrated key technologies through the acquisition of several highly-specialized companies. These companies' product portfolios and sales organizations were assimilated into the company Group's existing structures step by step. The full integration of the five Group companies was completed with their renaming. They are now present in the market under the strong Viessmann brand name.

The new business names

ESS Energie Systeme & Service GmbH became Viessmann Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung GmbH, MSR-Solutions GmbH became Viessmann Hausautomation GmbH, and isocal HeizKühlsysteme GmbH is now called Viessmann Eis-Energiespeicher GmbH. Two more companies followed suit this past January: Köb Holzheizsysteme GmbH became Viessmann Holzheiztechnik GmbH, and Mawera Holzfeuerungsanlagen Gesellschaft mbH is now called Viessmann Holzfeuerungsanlagen GmbH.

March 2015