New product group: Hybrid units by Viessmann

Sustainable energy mix in one unit

The Association of the European Heating Industry (EHI) defines hybrid units as factory-produced devices for generating thermal heat that are controlled by a master control unit and have at least one additional heat generator that does not use the same energy source or has an additional heat generator that produces another form of energy (e.g. electricity) or covers both instances.

Viessmann is focusing more on hybrids, which stand for sustainable heating systems that combine condensing and heat pump technology intelligently, and that are highly efficient and renewable at the same time for both gas and oil.

These hybrid units are equipped with a feature that automatically optimizes the mode of operation depending on energy prices and outside temperatures, so the homeowner can choose economical or ecological optimization.

The ideal solutions for modernizations and new builds

Therefore, these units are not only the ideal solution for modernization and new construction, they also provide a previously unknown degree of future sustainability in new buildings. As they are configured to be connected to smart grids, they are already capable of processing suppliers' future pricing signals now.

Two new units introduced at ISH 2015

This year, Viessmann is introducing two new hybrid units in the market following the introduction of the gas hybrid unit Vitocaldens 222-F at the last ISH:

  • Vitolacaldens 222-F combines the high efficiency of oil condensing technology with the utilization of free ambient heat. This combination in one compact unit is unique in the industry, and it is ideal for modernizing an outdated oil heating system.
  • For individual solutions or systems already modernized with condensing technology, there is also the separate heat pump module Vitocal 250-S available for retrofitting.

The complete press release is available as a Word document or PDF file under "Download".