Energy efficiency labeling to meet the ErP Directive

Viessmann supports market partners with service package

From September 26th, 2015, it will be mandatory for trade professionals to include efficiency ratings in their quotes for heat generators, DHW generators, storage cylinders, and for entire systems in order to adhere to the EU guideline. They will also be required to specify the efficiency class of products in brochures and advertisements and to attach energy efficiency labels to units on display. Viessmann has created a comprehensive service package to help their market partners meet this requirement:

  • product labels for the individual products,
  • a universal label for the factories for package solutions put together from the package price list,
  • delivery service of universal labels for systems that trade professionals configure themselves using Viessmann components,
  • label-generating software for trade professionals.


The complete press release is available as a Word document or PDF file under "Download".