Viessmann combined heat and power generation system: efficient power and heat generation for single-family homes, large residential buildings, commerce, industry, and municipal authorities

Viessmann has extended its product range for combined heat and power generation and ISH 2015 sees it presenting

  • Vitovalor 300-P – the first fuel cell unit to enter mass production. This innovative system produces both heat and electricity at the same time in an exceptionally environmentally friendly solution, thus decreasing the owner's dependence on the public power network.
  • The Vitotwin 300-W and Vitotwin 350-F micro CHP systems based on a Stirling engine can now be operated using the Vitotrol app on a smartphone or tablet PC. There are also new storage concepts available for Vitotwin 300-W to adapt to different system configurations as required.
  • The new, wall-mounted electricity storage systems for micro CHP systems Vitovalor 300-P, Vitotwin 300-W and Vitotwin 350-F can increase use of self-generated electricity and minimize the purchase of expensive mains electricity.
  • The new CHP unit Vitobloc 200 EM-530/660 has now been added to top Viessmann's range of gas engine combined heat and power generation units.

The complete press release is available as a Word document or PDF file under "Download".