Vitomax 300-LT M343B - for flow temperatures up to 110 °C

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Conversion of up to 96 percent of the input energy
  • Condensing technology increases the energy yield by up to 10 percent
  • Frugal energy consumption through modulating boiler water temperature
  • Vitocontrol control panel for all boiler-related control equipment
  • Approved in accordance with Gas Appliances Directive 2009/142/EG (with individual test certification, also according to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG)

This boiler sets new benchmarks

The Vitomax 300-LT sets a benchmark in the output range up to 6 MW: The three-pass low temperature boiler featuring multi layered convection heating surfaces made from duplex pipes with low combustion chamber loading permits a flow temperature of up to 120 °C.

The duplex pipes allow very low return temperatures (38 °C for oil operation, 45 °C for gas).

The already very high standard seasonal efficiency can be raised even higher by adding a Vitotrans 300 flue gas/water heat exchanger.

Alongside very low emissions, a hallmark of this boiler that it is very easy to maintain.

Apart from outstanding technology, the design of the hot water boiler is also very distinguished: in 2014 it won the German Design Award in gold.

Easy hydraulic connection

The Vitomax 300-LT requires no minimum heating water flow rate. Wide water galleries and large water content provide excellent natural circulation and reliable heat transfer.

No additional boiler pumps are required, so hydraulic connection is significantly easier.

The pre-assembled equipment for the 110 °C and 120 °C protection reduces the amount of engineering work and lowers costs.