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Efficient and clean provision of energy, as well as high operational reliability are essential in commercial and industrial applications. Viessmann steam and hot water systems offer the right solution. As we are a supplier of complete systems, the interaction of all components is our top priority. This ensures smooth operation, facilitates optimum planning and allows adaptation to customer requirements. With the appropriate accessories, the steam and hot water boilers form an efficient unit that reliably provides heat and is designed to be futureproof. Viessmann products are H2 ready and can be expanded with systems such as special heat exchangers for higher energy yields.

If you opt for Viessmann steam and hot water systems, you will not only receive on-site support from our partners. Right from the planning stage, we work together with specialists in industrial/commercial boilers who bring their many years of experience to the process. The following provides you with an overview of the solutions available for steam and hot water systems. In addition to turnkey systems with different output ranges, Viessmann also offers project-specific configurations. The Viessmann portfolio therefore includes expert advice and comprehensive services and products that ensure cost effective and futureproof steam and hot water generation.

Steam boilers

The Viessmann product portfolio for steam boilers includes:

  • Low pressure and high pressure steam boilers up to 31.5 t/h
  • Waste heat boilers for high pressure steam and high performance steam boiler systems up to 70 t/h

In addition to the steam boilers themselves, the comprehensive range includes perfectly matched system technology for instrumentation & control (intelligent control), as well as combustion systems, water treatment systems, feedwater tanks, flue systems, heat recovery systems and water analysis.

Many years of experience in the construction of large and industrial/commercial boilers, combined with state of the art technology at our production facilities, ensure the superb quality credentials of Viessmann steam boilers. Viessmann production technology meets the requirements of all current country-specific rules and regulations. We also have high expectations of the materials used and their workmanship. Additional benefits include:

  • Consistently high operational reliability and a long service life
  • Strictest quality checks throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • High efficiency levels – increased with integral or external heat exchangers
  • Clean combustion (NOx emissions in gas operation: below 70 mg/Nm3; in oil operation: below 150 mg/Nm3)
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions through combustion of up to 100 % hydrogen

Furthermore, the waste heat boilers for high pressure steam are also noted for:

  • Use of process heat and heat from the extract air as "waste products" from industrial processes or hot flue gases
  • Fossil fuel savings, resulting in reduced running costs
  • Flexible use through individual or standardised designs in conjunction with combined heat and power units

Hot water boilers

The product range includes the following hot water boilers:

  • Low pressure and high pressure hot water boilers with outputs up to 22 MW
  • Waste heat boilers for high pressure hot water as well as high performance hot water boilers with outputs up to 44 MW

In addition to the hot water boilers, we also have everything you need to complete the system, including perfectly matched system technology for instrumentation & control, as well as combustion systems, pressure maintaining systems, pumps, fittings, heat recovery systems and flue systems.

Viessmann hot water boilers for commercial and industrial applications are characterised by their energy efficient and clean provision of heat, as well as their high operational reliability. Viessmann offers expert advice, a comprehensive range of services, and products that ensure cost effective and futureproof heat generation. This enables demand-dependent boiler house concepts to be developed which incorporate individual specifications for bespoke system solutions. It's also worth bearing the following in mind:  

  • Many years of experience and expertise in the construction of large and industrial/commercial boilers ensure the high quality of our hot water boilers.
  • The high operational reliability and long service life/durability of all components speak for themselves.
  • Experts and local partners work together with the customer to design a system that can operate with maximum efficiency whilst also being specifically tailored to the customer's needs.

H2 ready: The hot water boilers can also run on up to 100 % hydrogen. This significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

The waste heat boilers for high pressure hot water also feature the following benefits:

  • Use of process and waste heat
  • Reduced running costs 
  • Less use of fossil fuels
  • Flexibility through factors such as individual design

Electric steam and hot water boilers for industry

Viessmann offers future-oriented, electricity-based system solutions –– not only for detached houses and apartment buildings, but also in the field of industrial/commercial boilers. Here, the focus is on goals such as conserving resources, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the use of climate-friendly technologies. In order to achieve these goals with industrial/commercial boilers, there is the power-to-heat option: surplus electricity from production peaks can be used to operate heat generators and steam boilers in industrial and commercial applications in an economically and ecologically viable way.

The benefits of electric steam and hot water generation at a glance:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Less use of fossil fuels
  • Cost savings due to fewer emissions charges
  • Less fuel needs to be purchased and stored
  • Fully electric boilers eliminate the need to purchase, store and use fossil fuels
  • Reduced burner cycling, and consequently less wear and tear, thanks to the use of heating cartridges
  • Use of cheaper electricity (night tariff power or surplus power from self-generation)
  • High levels of efficiency and wide control ranges

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