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The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating and refrigeration solutions. Founded in 1917, the family business maintains a staff of approximately 12,000 employees and generates 2.5 billion Euro.

With 23 production divisions in 12 countries, subsidiaries and representations in 74 countries and 120 sales offices around the world, Viessmann is an internationally orientated company. 54 percent of sales are generated abroad.


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Sustainability in practice

As a family business Viessmann takes the long view and places great value on acting responsibly; sustainability is firmly enshrined in the company's principles. For Viessmann, sustainability in action means striking a balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility throughout the company; meeting current needs without compromising the quality of life of future generations.

As environmental pioneer and technological trailblazer for the heating sector, Viessmann has for decades been supplying exceptionally clean and energy efficient heating systems for oil and gas, along with solar and wood combustion systems, as well as heat pumps. Many of our developments are recognised as heating equipment milestones.



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The comprehensive range from Viessmann

Viessmann's comprehensive range offers individual solutions and efficient systems with outputs from 1.5 to 120,000 kilowatts, for all application areas and fuel types. These include wall mounted condensing boilers from 1.9 to 150 kW and floorstanding condensing systems from 1.9 to 6000 kW, as well as combined heat and power units (CHP units) from 1.0 to 530 kWel or from 5.3 to 660 kWth. The CHP units are designed for operation with natural or bio natural gas and are available in conjunction with a bio natural gas supply contract.

The range of renewable energy systems comprises solar thermal systems with flat-plate and vacuum tube collectors to heat domestic hot water and to provide backup for central heating and solar cooling. Furthermore, the range includes special boilers and combustion equipment from 4 kW to 50 MW for logs, woodchips and pellets, heat pumps from 1.7 to 2000 kW that exploit heat from the ground or ambient air, and PV systems.

For local heating networks and bioenergy villages, Viessmann offers everything from one source – from initial feasibility studies and detailed engineering, as well as the delivery of all required components such as biogas plants, heat sources, CHP units, geothermal pipework and residential transfer stations, right through to construction and commissioning.

With a comprehensive range of products including temperature controlled rooms, high performance coldrooms and refrigeration units, refrigeration solutions for food retailing, as well as accessories and services, the Viessmann Group has the area of refrigeration technology covered.

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Full range of services

As part of its comprehensive range, Viessmann also offers a wide selection of tailor made services. These services include courses run by the Viessmann Academy, which provides a comprehensive training and further development programme for heating contractors, design engineers, architects, property developers, flue gas inspectors and technical education facilities, as well as its own employees. This enables the company to meet the ever increasing need for advanced training among its trade partners, arising from the structural changes in the heating equipment sector. These changes are a result of the move towards efficiency technologies and sustainable energy systems and the associated expansion of the technological spectrum. World-wide, 92,000 specialists attend the training events provided by the Viessmann Academy every year.

The Viessmann range of services also includes assistance given by its Technical Service department, a demand-oriented range of software, support through advertising and sales promotions, as well as a user friendly information and ordering system available 24/7 via the internet.

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100 years of Viessmann! We are starting a new century in which we remain committed to sustainability and want to do our part to preserve the basis of life for future generations. Viessmann corporate film (2:30) Watch now!

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Energy and specialised forums

Prominent energy and climate experts regularly attend energy and specialised forums at the Viessmann Academy to discuss issues and share experiences. Since the first event in 2008, around 2500 trade partners – heating contractors as well as design engineers, architects and engineers – have taken part. This shows there is a real need for factual information and explanation in the context of policy and technology.

At the events, renowned experts from politics, science and the heating technology industry give their opinions, put forward possible solutions and hold Q&A sessions.


Viessmann Allendorf Foundation: commitment to responsibility

Viessmann is committed to fulfilling its environmental and social responsibilities. In accordance with this company principle, the company supports the sciences, arts, culture and society. To subsidise projects in Germany and at an international level, six-figure donations are made every year.

The Viessmann Allendorf Foundation was established in order to put these diverse commitments into a uniform framework and to secure their future continuity. In August 2010, Dr Walter Lübcke, chief executive of the administrative district where Viessmann has its head office, passed the deed of foundation on to Dr Martin Viessmann.


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Allendorf (Eder) commercial airfield

The commercial airfield at Allendorf (Eder) was created in 1966 and fundamentally updated and extended in 2005. Today it meets all requirements of an advanced business airport. It also serves as a base for the Ederbergland Aviation Club, which uses it for youth activities in particular.


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