ViCare Plus & Savings Assistant save energy and heating costs

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As energy prices skyrocket for homeowners everywhere, reducing the cost of heating has become even more important for many. Thankfully there are a number of ways that ViCare Plus helps Viessmann customers to boost their home’s efficiency and help them save money on their bills during these difficult times. We now offer a subscription-based suite of features called the “Savings Assistant” that aims to help ViCare users save energy and heating costs. Learn more below.

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Enjoy the following benefits


Easy to set up and control


Many features work in the background


Reduces energy consumption and costs


The highest level of data protection

Smart Climate

Works with ViCare components

Family & Friends

Heating system control via multiple accounts

Save heating costs fully automatically when no one is at home

With ViCare Comfort & Savings, heating system switching times and operation while on the move become almost unnecessary. ViCare uses the smartphone's geofencing* function to detect when everyone has left the home and then saves energy automatically.  Extend the control to all members of your house with the "Friends & Family" feature.

*  Does not work for Heat Pumps or Ecotronic devices. Please check in your ViCare app for current product support information.

Advanced Energy Reports

A variety of detailed reports gives you better insight into what you are using and forecasts of how much energy you may use in the coming time period. An analysis dashboard makes it easy to navigate to your preferred reports. Editable options allow you to customise your reports and compare different periods in time. Owners of ViCare Smart Climate devices have access to even more reports.

Heat Curve Optimiser

Many heating systems waste energy unnecessarily because they remain in the settings when they left the factory and are not tailored to the needs of your home. Our interactive tool allows you to easily adjust the heat curve of your system. Optimising the heat curve helps deliver the utmost in comfort while minimising the energy consumption.

ViCare Smart Climate features

A unique, proprietary algorithm for Viessmann heating system customers with a ViCare Smart Climate solution that intelligently optimises energy use. It works like the "brain" of the Viessmann smart home solution to save you money by delivering the most comfort using only the necessary amount of energy.

Our ViCare Smart Climate devices, such as radiator and floor heating thermostats, are made of the highest  quality and designed to work seamlessly with your Viessmann heating system. Combined with the Savings Assistant, you can extend the possibilities and reduce your energy  consumption.

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