ViCare components for convenient heating control

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ViCare components allow you to automate the control of your heating system. This helps to increase convenience and save energy costs. For example, TÜÜV-certified hydronic balancing of ViCare individual room control contributes to this. Depending on your home and heat generator, you may need additional components. Check our FAQ to see whether your heating system and the components are compatible.

ViCare thermostatic radiator valve

The thermostats allow you to control your radiators easily via the ViCare app.

Exclusive Intelligent Heat Control algorithm*
Open Window Detection*
Adaptors enable easy installation on all common radiators
Measures the room temperature
Digital display shows temperature values
Control in increments of 0.5 degrees Celsius
Enables individual room control via app
Timeless, robust design
Made in Europe

*The features are part of the Savings Assistant subscription. Learn more about the benefits.

ViCare climate sensor

Highly accurate measurement of temperature and humidity in your rooms.

Measurement of temperature and humidity
Increases measurement accuracy in large and complex spaces
Timeless design
Easy installation with fixing materials provided
Battery operated

When do I need a ViCare climate sensor?

The ViCare climate sensor detects the temperature and humidity in your rooms. It improves the accuracy of the solution and helps you to ensure a healthier climate and better energy efficiency in your home.

ViCare wireless repeater

Amplifies the ViCare signal in large homes.

Ensures fault-free communication of the ViCare components
Timeless design

When do I need a ViCare wireless repeater?

The ViCare wireless repeater amplifies the ViCare signal between the installed appliances. If you have a larger living space or if there are longer distances between appliances in different rooms, a wireless repeater may be the right solution for you.

ViCare floor thermostat

Ideal for use in new buildings, in conjunction with a heat pump or when installing underfloor heating.

Exclusive Intelligent Heat Control algorithm*
Sophisticated design and reliable operation
For use in combination with a climate sensor
Must be installed by a heating or electrical contractor

*The features are part of the Savings Assistant subscription. Learn more about the benefits.


Connects your older heat generator* to the internet and enables use of ViCare thermostats.

*Not required for the latest generation of appliances with integrated WiFi.

Connection to the heat generator via Optolink cable
Communicates via WiFi with DSL router
Enables control of the heat generator via ViCare
Enables remote maintenance approval for your installer
Made in Europe
VDE Smart Home certified
Wall mounting possible

How can I purchase the components?

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ViCare individual room control components are distributed via our partners, i.e. your installer. He or she knows your heating system best. This allows us to offer in ViCare a deeply integrated and perfectly functioning product that even supports the operation of an underfloor heating system.

We are convinced that this is the best way forward for ViCare.

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