Systematic industrial solutions

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Viessmann industrial solutions –– economic supply of steam, heat, power and cooling energy

Efficient energy systems and plants for industrial applications make an important contribution to reducing pollutant emissions as well as running costs and thereby create competitive advantages. In this connection, Viessmann offers extensive system solutions that safeguard an economic provision of steam of up to 70  tonnes per hour, heat up to 44  MW, electricity up to 530  kWel and cooling energy up to 600  kW. The solutions are created individually on the basis of integral energy concepts based on evaluation of the overall system of energy generation, supply structure and consumption. Determination of potential as well as coordination of all system components is based on the in-depth analysis of all processes. The Viessmann range is enhanced by comprehensive services, covering everything from engineering to commissioning and subsequent service.

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Efficient use of hydrogen from industrial processes

Equipped with the appropriate burners, Viessmann Vitomax boilers enable operation with up to 100  percent hydrogen. This allows the use of hydrogen, which can be a by-product of chemical processes, and thus contributes to an increase in overall efficiency. At the same time, climate-damaging CO2 emissions can be reduced.

Product range

Efficient solutions for industrial applications up to 44  MW heat and 70  t steam/h.