Make optimal use of ViCare and reduce your energy consumption

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Help the environment and save energy costs at the same time – with ViCare

We can all do something to reduce our energy consumption and our carbon footprint. The easiest way, of course, is to turn the heating down. Reducing the room temperature by just 1 degree, for example, will lower energy consumption by 6  %. But owners of Viessmann heating systems with the free ViCare app have even more savings opportunities.

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Optimise your ViCare settings


Take energy efficiency to the next level

You have even more savings opportunities in the ViCare ecosystem:

Smart Home components from our ViCare individual room control range give you even greater control over your energy consumption. If you equip individual rooms in your home with ViCare devices, you can set the temperature individually or even switch the heating off for a certain room to reduce energy consumption. Your heating installer can balance and optimise the system to achieve greater savings.


Now with even more comfort and savings.

Our package ViCare Plus takes care of energy saving for you. Among other things, It includes the geofencing function that helps you to reduce your energy consumption automatically. This function detects when no one is at home, lowers the temperature accordingly and then increases it again to the required comfort level when you return. It is available as an in-app purchase on your iOS or Android device.

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Learn even more about your Smart Home solution

To find out more about ViCare and Viessmann's Smart Home solutions, speak to your preferred heating contractor today and download the ViCare app.