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Find the right trade partner for installation, maintenance and consultation in your area!

Your local Viessmann partner can provide you with free, non-binding, individual consultation. Are you looking for a Viessmann dealer in your area? Just enter your address under "Local partner", choose a heating specialist as a trade partner, then click on "Start search". You will then receive an overview of Viessmann partners with address, telephone, internet/email address and route planning.

But it doesn't always have to be a heating contractor that you are looking for. With us, you can also find a Viessmann expert for other issues: photovoltaic contractors, planners and engineering offices, prefabricated and house constructors, specialist electrical companies.

Specialists in installation, maintenance and servicing for our heating systems

In addition to comprehensive consultation, heating contractors also offer smooth sales and installation of Viessmann heating system. Customer service, which goes beyond installation and also includes repairs and regular maintenance, is also one of the services provided by our trade partners. Heating contractors are continuously trained by us and are therefore familiar with the products and their innovations. If you have any questions about the exact prices for installation and other accessories, please contact your heating contractors, as only they will know the conditions on site.

Extensive range of services offered by Viessmann trade partners

There are many reasons to look for a heating contractor. Perhaps you are building and want an efficient heating system that is carefully adapted to the building and heat demand? Or maybe you've noticed how sharply heating costs have risen in recent years? This is not necessarily due to the rising costs of gas or oil; the cause can also be an outdated heating system itself. Perhaps you have to constantly bleed the heating system, or it has been making strange noises? In that case, you should call in a heating contractor. This person can check what is wrong and either make the appropriate adjustments or handle the repair work.

The range of services and products offered by our Viessmann trade partners is therefore diverse:

  • no-obligation individual consultation, even on site
  • Concrete recommendation as to which energy sources are best for you: oil, gas, solar, wood, airborne and geothermal energy
  • Information on economical combinations of different energy sources
  • Inspection of the flue by your heating contractor in consultation with the flue gas inspector for further usability
  • Calculation of the heat/DHW requirements of your household/property
  • At-a-glance calculation of possible heating cost savings following modernisation
  • Information on state subsidies for a new heating system as well as support in applying for subsidies
  • Calculating the payback period for your new heating system
  • Expert maintenance and spare parts service