Vitomax HW-E

Electric hot water boiler

You can find out more about the special features of Viessmann electric boilers for industrial applications here.

Output range: 0.45 to 4.5 MW
Low running costs
Fast cold start
No flue gas emissions

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Flue system, burner, fuel supply, storage

No longer needed, which saves money and reduces space requirements

Low running costs

By using cheap electricity

No flue gas emissions

From COx or NOx

Wide normal range and compensation of peak loads

In order to also manage partial load decreases

Faster cold start possible

For time savings, as burner start-up times are no longer required

Available fast from standby mode

As well as electrical heat retention

High efficiency

From over 99 %

Smaller footprint and weight

Compared to a conventional boiler

Straightforward boiler heat retention

Offers further benefits

Viessmann Vitomax HW-E electric boiler

Vitomax  HW-E –– purely electric hot water generation for a wide range of applications

With the Viessmann Vitomax  HW-E electric boiler for generating hot water for industrial and commercial applications, you are taking a step in the right direction towards the energy transition. The plant uses the power-to-heat principle, i.e. it uses electricity to generate hot water. The increasing share of renewables in the electricity grid, especially wind and solar energy, can be used sensibly in this way. Benefit from production peaks during electricity generation and from the economic use of self-generated excess electricity. This already sets you off on a climate-friendly path and ensures you a futureproof system solution.

Benefits of the Vitomax  HW-E electric boiler

The Vitomax  HW-E belongs to the Vitomax product range. All models from this area of our product portfolio are characterised by the following benefits:  

  • Efficient, clean energy supply  
  • Optimally matched components
  • System technology from a single source
  • Systems that can be individually adapted to customer requirements
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Flexible application options
  • Many years of experience in industrial/commercial boiler technology
  • High planning and calculation reliability
  • High quality of all components
  • Long service life
  • High operational reliability

In addition, our customers benefit from the following advantages when they opt for the Vitomax electric boiler for hot water generation:  

  • Flue system, burner, fuel supply and storage not required
  • Lower running costs through the use of cheap electricity
  • No flue gas emissions
  • Peak load compensation
  • Faster cold start possible
  • Faster availability from standby mode
  • Large normal range
  • High efficiency of over 99  percent
  • Smaller footprint and lighter weight
  • Straightforward boiler heat retention

Optimally coordinated system technology

Large-scale systems for industrial, commercial and municipal applications must provide energy in a clean and energy saving manner. High operational reliability and availability are essential. Viessmann offers precisely these efficient energy systems –– in the form of pure electric boilers. Our range of products includes components and systems designed to work together. This means you can rely on an economical, futureproof solution. The following extensions are available:

  • Automation and control technology
  • Instrumentation & control technology
  • Combustion systems with fuel supply
  • Water treatment systems and analysis
  • Feedwater tank and other thermal tanks
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Pipework and flue systems

Fewer costs

A further plus point for your company: you have to pay fewer emission charges, because no flue gas emissions from COx or NOx are generated on site through the use of electricity. Additional costs can be saved because fuel storage and a flue system are no longer required. This also reduces the footprint and weight compared to conventional boilers. Your running costs are also lower because you can use cheaper electricity tariffs or even your own excess electricity.  

Function and technical features

The Vitomax HW-E uses excess electricity and can therefore utilise production peaks in power generation ecologically and economically. A heating cartridge converts the electricity into heat, which in turn is used to generate hot water. The heating cartridge is attached to the boiler via a connector and complies with the applicable DIN standards. The wall thickness of up to 2.1  millimetres ensures high resistance to corrosion and mechanical loads. Depending on customer requirements, different immersion lengths of the heating cartridges of up to 4.5  metres are possible.

Technical details of the Vitomax  HW-E

Furthermore, the Viessmann Vitomax  HW-E electric boiler is also characterised by its high output and high efficiency.

  • Outputs: 0.5 to 5.0  t/h / 0.45 to 4.5  MW
  • Permissible operating pressure: 6 to 25 bar

Significance for the energy transition

The electric boiler for industrial applications enables you to take a step in the direction of the energy transition. This system uses the power-to-heat principle, i.e. uses electricity to generate steam and heat. The increasing share of renewables, especially wind and solar, in the electricity grid can be used meaningfully in this way.

This already sets you off on a more climate-friendly path and ensures you a futureproof system solution. The Paris Agreement clearly states that global warming must not exceed 1.5  degrees  Celsius. This goal can only be achieved if private and public investments support the implementation of these goals.

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The Viessmann Vitomax  HW-E electric boiler can be used for hot water generation. Our experts support you in your projects. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to request an individual expert consultation. Our experts will review your project requirements with you to see what is possible. If you are more interested in an electric boiler for steam generation, take a look at the Vitomax HS.