Photovoltaics for commercial applications

Meeting energy needs is an important cost factor, especially in the commercial sector. In practice, heat and electricity are often obtained in the traditional way. However, solar technology offers enormous potential. In addition to heat generation using solar thermal technology, electricity can also be generated from sunlight - in the long term and extremely economically. Viessmann photovoltaic technology offers perfectly matched components for this, consisting of photovoltaic modules, inverters and mounting systems, as well as electricity storage systems and heat pumps to increase the use of your own electricity.

Photovoltaic technology from Viessmann

Reduction of electricity costs

The purchase costs for electricity have been at a constantly high level for years. A downward trend is not foreseeable. The best way to counteract this without having to reduce electricity demand is to use a photovoltaic system. This converts the incoming sunlight into direct current. Since this is not used everywhere, an inverter subsequently ensures a further conversion of direct current to alternating current. The latter can either be consumed directly or fed into the public power grid. System owners even receive a payment set by the state for feeding the power into the grid. The amount of compensation is based on the date on which the plant was commissioned and has been steadily decreasing for years. For this reason, it is more economical to use the solar power yourself.

Decreasing costs and increasing environmental protection

Using a photovoltaic system for commercial applications not only reduces energy costs. The environment also benefits when electricity is produced and used directly on site. Long transport routes for conventional electricity are thus eliminated. In addition, only pure solar energy is used for electricity production. There is no conversion process as in conventional power plants, where fossil fuels are often burned to generate electricity. In order for the use of such a system to deliver the optimal result, several factors must fit together. The high quality standards of the photovoltaic modules ensure cost-effectiveness and durability. Comprehensive services from planning and design to delivery and service by competent Viessmann specialist partners round off the photovoltaic range.

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By installing a Viessmann photovoltaic system, anyone can generate their own power.