Overview of low temperature boilers for oil with more than 400 kW

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Large buildings usually have a comparatively high heat demand. This can be covered economically and reliably with a low temperature oil boiler from Viessmann. In addition to oil condensing boilers for detached and two-family houses, Viessmann also offers oil boilers with proven non-condensing technology in the output range from 400 to 2000  kW –– in the usual Viessmann quality with high operating convenience. Whether for a large residential, commercial or industrial property; new build or a modernisation project: the Viessmann portfolio has the right low temperature oil boiler for every application.  

Vitorond 200: flexible construction thanks to sectional design

Another low temperature oil boiler for use in buildings with large heat demands is the Vitorond  200. It has a sectional design and is used when the available space makes it difficult or even impossible to install a storage combi boiler. Due to its design, it can be disassembled into individual parts (cast sections) and easily assembled on site using a compression tool. The Vitorond  200 is particularly suitable for use in older buildings, where space is often tight. Despite the sectional design, this low temperature oil boiler covers output ranges from 440 to 1080  kW and also comes factory-fitted with the Vitotronic control unit.

Vitoplex 300: Low temperature oil boiler with multi layered convection heating surfaces

With its multi layered convection heating surfaces made from specially folded triplex pipes, the Vitoplex  300 three-pass boiler offers particularly economical, clean and reliable operation. Thanks to their design, the heat conducting steel pipes that are inserted one inside the other have a heating surface that is 2.5  times larger than that of smooth pipes. They are also constructed in such a way that the surface temperature remains above dew point during heat transfer. This prevents condensate formation and corrosion damage.

Easy handling for installation and maintenance

The Vitoplex  300 also features the integral Therm-Control start-up system. This replaces the shunt pump or continuous return temperature raising facility, which saves installation time and costs. Low temperature oil boilers with a rated heating output of more than 620  kW are equipped with a walk-on boiler cover to facilitate installation and maintenance. The Vitoplex  300 is controlled via the easy to use Vitotronic control unit with colour touchscreen.

Vitoplex 200: non-condensing oil boilers for different requirements  

The Vitoplex  200 can be used as an alternative to the Vitoplex  300. This compact low temperature oil boiler made of steel has a rated heating output of 440 to 1950  kW and can be used with a wide range of burners. In versions up to 560  kW, the Vitoplex  200 also has the Therm-Control start-up system. A walk-on boiler cover is provided for 700  kW boilers and above. The Vitoplex  200 achieves a standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] of up to 89  percent with fuel oil. It is easy to operate via the Vitotronic digital control system with communication capability and enables complete integration into building management systems.