Efficient solutions for industrial applications up to 120 MW heat and 120 t steam/h

  • Steam boilers
  • Hot water boilers
  • Waste heat boilers
  • Biomass plants
  • Biogas plants: wet and dry fermentation
  • Biogas upgrading and injecting into the natural gas mains

Product program

Efficient solutions for industrial applications up to 120 MW heat and 120 t steam/h

Hochdruckkessel zur Dampferzeugung

High-pressure steam boilers

Efficient solutions to 120 t steam/h

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Hochdruckkessel zur Heißwassererzeugung

High pressure hot water boiler

Efficient solutions to 120 MW

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Hochdruckkessel zur Nutzung von Prozesswärme und Abluftwärme

High-pressure heat recovery steam generator

Use of process and exhaust heat

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Effiziente und umweltschonende Erzeugung von Biomethan

Gas processing

Biogas upgrading and feeding into the natural gas network

Biogasanlagen für die nachhaltige Energieversorgung mit Biomasse

Biogas plant

Wet- and dry fermentation

Anlagen zur Erzeugung von Energie aus Biomasse

Biomass plants

Reliable, sustainable, economical

For detailed information on our product range for biogas plants and biogas upgrading and for the services we offer in this area, see our websites

> www.schmack-biogas.com

> www.carbotech.info

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High pressure hot water boilers, high pressure steam boilers, waste heat boilers, wood combustion systems, coldrooms and chilled cabinets


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